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Thanksgiving Catch Up

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was very good. My oldest son was able to come home. We were afraid this might be the first Thanksgiving he wasn't with us but he was able to arrange his schedule to make it home. His band was away shooting a music video. What might have taken all week, they managed to do in one full day! He headed homeWednesday and stayed until Sunday.

My guys were able to do quite a lot of hunting over the holiday. They both love to fish and hunt. We've been very blessed that our last home and this one, there are several places for them to enjoy the outdoors. We love deer meat. It is healthy and really helps to stretch the budget. When prepared correctly you might even think it is beef!

The kids and I got a little creative with our vegetables on Thanksgiving day and created a fun centerpiece. My youngest named it Pluto. ;)

Since I had a smoked turkey and a brown sugar ham, we opted for sandwiches for lunch and ate our Thanksgiving Dinner for supper that night. I fixed dressing with gravy, cranberry sauce, fresh snap beans, sweet potato casserole, homemade macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. Dessert was pumpkin cheesecake (a paula deen was ok), sugar free lemon pie, chocolate pie, and apple pie. All homemade!

I noticed Wednesday that the palm of the left hand at the base of my thumb was sore and tender as though I had scalded it. I thought perhaps I had and just hadn't noticed it. But by Thursday my hand and my arm all the way to the shoulder hurt to the touch. Friday when I got up I felt awful as though I had the flu. Sore and achey all over, headache, soooo tired. This went on through the weekend. Then I began breaking out on my arm. Have you guessed what it was?


Talk about miserable! I had no idea that you could even get them when you were younger. Not only that, I thought it was only on your beltline or on your face. Not so.

I've always heard about the pain associated with shingles. I assumed it was the rash that hurt. But the problem stems from nerve pain because the virus travels along a nerve. I am taking antivirals and pain medication. I hope this is a shortlived experience and there are no residual effects!


  1. I LOVE the center piece, what creative children you have! I am so glad all worked out so that your whole family could be together for Thanksgiving.
    I will pray you recover quickly from your outbreak of shingles.

  2. Mrs. B
    We had a lot of fun! There I was with so much to do, sitting at the dining table being a vegetable artist LOL.
    Thank you for your prayers. It's no fun, for sure!


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