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Showing posts from August 15, 2009

The Magic Touch

Well, I had grand plans for today, but I should have known better. I was going to get up early and steam clean my carpets and straighten up a bit. Then I was going to go outside and do some work while I caught up on laundry. The GuitarMan is on his way home and we are having some friends of his over this afternoon to cook out. Then he and Z are doing a concert tonight at a local church. We are hoping to go but I'll have to see how Cornbread is doing. I had to take him to the doctor yesterday with fever. So anyway.
I got up with no problem.
I straightened up with no problem.
Then I broke the vaccuum cleaner. Literally. The handle broke off in my hand!
Then I tore up the steam cleaner.
I'm a little afraid to approach the washer or dryer. I'm a lot afraid to approach the gas grill.
I offered to blow the driveway off for The FisherMan. He said to go ahead, he's been hoping for a new gas powered blower anyway.
Very funny.

Come here, You Sweet Thang, You

Just some thoughts upon seeing a woman's tatoo today. She leaned across a counter and her top slipped up showing her lower back where the words "Sweet Thang" were scrawled across it. She had various other tatoos as well and honestly was a very well put together, attractive woman, albeit a bit immodest in her clothing choices. :)
Now. I am going to just tell you exactly what popped in my head. Ready for honesty on a touchy subject? Here goes.
Ok, I'm not really going to say anything about the right or wrong aspects of tatoos. Sorry, fooled you, right? :)
No, actually the first thought that popped in my head was a picture of what she might look like as a little shriveled up 90 year old woman in the nursing home with that across her backside! Can't you just see the little woman in the hospital gown with the open back who always manages to escape? There she goes wandering down the road with her tatoo shining as the aides chase her down!
I always wonder about that! You …