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Showing posts from April 1, 2009

Random Happenings

I heard something new today. Now my Northern readers will probably laugh at this but my fellow Southerners will most likely say, "Hmmp, never heard of that" just like we did. Have you heard of an 'ice shove' (and that is a long 'o' not shuv the way we would read it)? Well, the winds up north blow the ice from the lakes and form something akin to a snowdrift but it is ice. They had 20 ft ice shoves up in Wisconsin today. It was amazing to see!

And in other news, if you hear a strange, random beeping noise that you can not locate here is what you do.
First: confirm with the children with you that there was a beep. That way you know you aren't crazy.
Next: Look around to see if there may be an unknown smoke detector. Then: Draw others into it. See if they hear the strange noise. Look all over the room.
(just as a strictly hypothetical example we will say this is a church. And we'll just say it is after church when everyone is visiting.) So look all over the …