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Slowly but surely I am getting the furniture arranged to my liking, the toys sorted, and restoring order. Yet I am still surrounded by chaos. It is aggravating but I know I will get it finished and my home will be better for it.
What's funny is that while I am finding long lost items I am also losing everyday items. Usually it isn't actually lost but just blended in with its surroundings. A hairbrush carelessly tossed is instantly hidden. It was there the whole time I just couldn't see it for the other items. This also tends to happen when I am at my busiest and in a hurry. I want the item when I want it! So I am really trying to stress to my girls to return things to their proper home after use.
I find the same to be true with my spiritual armor. I know it's there somewhere. But when I get lazy I tend to toss it down, assuming it will be instantly available at my beck and call. Then when I can't find it I realize it is hidden in the clutter of my life.
The thing is…