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Shopping + Children = Joy?

Life with children means activity at all times and today was no exception. The FlowerChild began Vacation Bible School at a church in a neighboring town this morning. She was so excited! VBS is probably her favorite part of summer and she usually likes to take advantage of it several times at various churches. To quote her: "VBS rocks!!" This one is Polar Express. Last night she was just bubbling and could not settle down to go to sleep. It didn't help that her older brother and his friend were here packing him up for another mission trip. So it was probably 10:30 before she finally gave it up. Then she woke up at 5:45 this morning with the words, "Is it time, Mama?"

Well, we picked her up afterwards and headed to the big city since we were almost there anyway. Had a bite of lunch and headed to Wal-Mart. Now I have told you about this love-hate thing I've got going with this store. Part of me knows this is the least expensive option. I am also very thankful…