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Showing posts from May 14, 2009

Homeschool Help Update

I updated the Homeschool Helps list on the sidebar. I added 3 new links that I thought you might enjoy if homeschooling is an interest of yours (or if you just like supplementing your public or private schooled child's education). So let's talk education!

Christian Liberty Press: The only thing I am presently using is the reading curriculum. I really like it. All kinds of inexpensive, quality curriculum here. I've read many good reviews.

Freebie of the Day: This is great! Sign up and every week you will get an email with a free download for each day. There are neat e-books and whole lesson plans. Stuff you've probably never even thought of. You just click the link if it is something you want and ignore it otherwise. The only drawback is you must go to the site on the particular day each freebie is offered. I get absentminded and have missed out on some cool stuff because of it!

Sonlight: I don't use this as a curriculum. The price and teaching approach simply are not …