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Showing posts from January 26, 2009

We have puppies!

Lots of them! As in too many to get a good count with them under their mama but we are guessing 9 or 10. Ok, friends at the chicken house, stop laughing. Now, all other friends, family and new bloggy friends, you stop laughing, too. I feel like I am living in 101 Dalmations.Except if Cruella DeVille came in I might be tempted....ok, not really. But honestly I knew Rosie was happily frolicking a couple of months ago but who knew just how much frolicking one dog could do? Or as the little ones said when they reported her frolicking, "Mama, Look! Rosie and CD are playin' leapfrog!" And no, before you ask, Mama did NOT correct them!

But is the before picture of Rosie. She was soooo pregnant. Now I see why!

She is a sweet, sweet dog. She showed up at our house just a few months back. I have never seen a dog so skinny and malnourished. She was literally a walking skeleton. Her fur was dry and brittle. She only had a few of her teeth. (They came in once she started…

Raising Them for the Lord

We had a wonderful day at church yesterday. We had a Baby and Child dedication service. (Or as LadyBug puts it "we got marry-cated") For anyone not familiar with this it does not have anything to do with the children's salvation. Rather it is a covenant between the parents, church and God. The parents agree that the child will be raised in a Godly home and they will do everything they can to ensure good influences that will guide them towards a relationship with Christ. The church members agree to be supportive prayer partners that will help the parents in providing Godly role models. I have not listed all the promises made but that is the main point of it all. We had many young families take part in this, including us. It was particularly touching to me that with The FisherMan leading the service I would have been standing alone. The GuitarMan chose to stand in for his dad. Our little ones are so blessed to have not only such a wonderful, loving daddy but also this cari…