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Showing posts from March 12, 2009

Parenthood isn't for wimps!

Parenthood. That one little word is so many things all balled up in one. Let me share with you what it held today.

* Waking up very early because I couldn't sleep. Easing out of bed so as to not wake the little one who joined us during the night. Stepping over another one who chose to curl up on the floor by the foot of the bed. Stepping over the dog.

*Making cappuccino. Going to get the baby who sensed Mama was up. Nursing. Praying. Putting him on a pallet by me because it is the only way he will stay asleep. Reheating that cold cappuccino.

*Rocking. Hugging. Sleepy kisses as each child greets the day by greeting Mama. Chocolate pop tarts as a special treat. Vitamins. Teeth brushing. Medicine for a snotty nose.

* Turning off the news. Attempting to explain why a crazy man would shoot all those people. Trying to explain why a baby died. Reassuring. Uttering a silent prayer of thanks.
(I grew up going to visit family in Kinston. Just a few short months ago I and everyone I loved the mos…