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Showing posts from January 18, 2009

Quiet Day Around Here

Well, another quiet Sunday afternoon. Ok, this is our house I'm talking about so maybe not exactly "quiet" but relaxed, we'll say.

The GuitarMan came home for a quick visit yesterday. After his dad helped him change his oil he went up to town and visited with friends. After church we had lunch and he has headed back to college now as classes begin tomorrow. His schedule looks to be about the same times as last semester. So he will be up bright and early for 8:00 AM class tomorrow! I'll have to be sure and stock him up with coffee and energy drinks to get him going in the mornings! He is more of a night owl. It was a good morning at church despite low numbers due to the cold and the rain. We knew many of our older folks would not be able to battle the bad weather. Then we had others who were out for various reasons. We always have fellowship and prayer at church before Sunday School and I cooked today. It was so cozy in the kitchen this morning even with it dark an…