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What's For Supper, Mama?

I had a request to share our menu plans more often but I did not get to it as planned. Sorry! :) So here I am today to give a few ideas. Here is what we had this week.

Roasted chicken (from the grocery store deli)
rice with gravy
sliced cucumber

Mexican chicken casserole....made from the leftover chicken
(this was a new recipe I tried from the internet - we hated it, it was awful! LOL but I am going to use the sauce part of the recipe to make a whole new recipe - I'll let you know how that goes!)

tater tot casserole (different from the Duggar version)
fresh peas
macaroni and cheese
sliced tomatoes

Wasn't what I had planned but was by special request from The GuitarMan

fried chicken (1/2 buffalo wings 1/2 fried chicken legs)
french fries

(Here again, not what I had planned but we need to eat them up and my girls are going to a special Girls Night for K-6th at a church in another town so no time to cook...they are so excited!)

leftovers from this w…