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The Rest of the Story

You would think after this many years of marriage that I would have heard every story there is to tell from my husband. But the one thing that never changes is that ability of his to pop out with the unexpected.
Yesterday after church he shared about the time when he lived in Mississippi and he walked outside and heard someone screaming. Following the sound, his eyes traveled upward. There above him was a sight to behold. A little boy was tied in a golf bag and swung precariously in a tree! His three older brothers had tied him in the bag, hoisted him into the tree and left him there!
Now I don't know how he eventually got the little fellow down. It didn't actually cross my mind to ask. But it did get me to thinking. So hang with me for a minute. ;)
All this time of knowing this person so well and I never had heard this story. How many people are there in your life that you don't know all their stories? I know, improper grammar but still, you get my drift.
How many relation…