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Showing posts from August 7, 2009

Why the Hurry?

We are indulging in an early lunch today after having a late breakfast. I would say it is due to growth spurts but I'm not sure. Unfortunately mine tend to be outward rather than upward so I am hoping that isn't the case for Mama! :P
As I went towards the kitchen to fix lunch LadyBug frantically called, "Wait, wait! Mama look at my picture!" She had worked so hard to color a kitty in a coloring book. The head was royal blue and the body orange while it sported a jaunty red bow. (Just so you Auburn fans know it...there was some Crimson Tide thrown in there, ha!) I praised her for staying in the lines while in my head I thought of how an adult would have had to made it look more real. Have you noticed that about children? The majority of young children never color a picture to look real. They use different colors all over. FlowerChild used to color pictures of people and animals with a pattern of up to 8 colors at a time! Have you ever seen a plaid horse? How about a st…