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Showing posts from March 10, 2010

Where Ya Been, EM?

Sorry I haven't been around so much lately. It isn't that I haven't had anything to blog. I had plenty of posts in my head. But there's been so much happening here. The process of sitting down and getting complete, coherent thoughts typed out was just too much to deal with!

When I came home from the hospital we immediately launched into the swine flu with all three younger children. I'm still not sure where they wound up with it. My suspicion is that they picked it up when we were in the doctor's office the previous week with Cornbread. He was diagnosed with pre asthma.
Those were some tiring days as I already blogged about. I had a very rough time recovering physically. Then I broke/dislocated my toe. Normally a little funny if it is only a slight break but not when you're already in pain!
I feel like I am forgetting some other trial that was thrown in there but with our latest it really isn't any wonder. We had quite the scare with LadyBug last week. S…