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Showing posts from September 6, 2009

Growing Step By Step

Another quiet Sunday afternoon around here. The FisherMan is taking a Sunday nap. The FlowerChild is sound asleep, curled up like a little roly poly under a blanket in my recliner. LadyBug is bebopping from one activity to another, drawing, blocks, watching TV. Cornbread has been asleep all afternoon, literally from the moment we walked in from church, and he just woke up a little while ago. Now he is enjoying his attempts to get in the middle of all the activities LadyBug is engaged in.
It's so funny to watch my little man. He is growing up so quickly. Well, all the children are, really but I can't believe he is running around and trying to talk. He watches and imitates everything. We were amused the other day in the yard to see him following Daddy's routine. He went to the garden and checked the peppers and tomatoes. He checked the pump on the pool, even bending to blow on it as he has seen his Dad do. He checked the hummingbird feeders. Then he went to the grill and ou…