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Showing posts from May 21, 2009

Mama's Pearls of Wisdom

You know, as a mother I am sometimes amazed at the words I hear coming out of my mouth. I decided it is high time I started jotting down these wonderful little moments. You know the ones.

"It's gonna stick that way!"


"You put what up your nose?!!!"

And yes we really had that experience one time which ended FlowerChild up in the ER no less...she decided to break off a piece of wood from our wicker bench and shove it up there! All's well that ends well. She finally started sneezing several hours later as we were STILL in the waiting area and it popped out. We got a lot of curious stares as we all hollered with joy and relief!

Well, today's little pearl is a true keeper. Once again, out of sheer coincidence it involves FlowerChild. Homeschooling provides many treasured moments of opportunity. Ready?

"FlowerChild! [insert real name here] STOP playing with your belly button and do your math! I promise you the answer will NOT be found there!"

Oh, the bl…