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How do you like your eggs?

Do you ever wonder what goes on at the preacher's house after church on Sunday night? Ha, well how about a peek? Tonight was a madhouse as we got supper cooked (eggs, grits, toast), fed the baby, checked on the puppies, they were out of their tent, got the puppies back in their tent, fed the dogs, ate, got the children wound down, baby asleep....whew! So now the girls are helping peel boiled eggs for us to pickle. Ever eaten pickled eggs?
Their conversation is so funny.

LadyBug: What kind of eggs is this?
Daddy: It's a chicken egg.
LadyBug: EEWWW!
FlowerChild: What? It's just an egg.
LadyBug: Chicken egg is gross.
Mama: Do you like scrambled eggs?
LadyBug: Yes but NOT chicken eggs.
FlowerChild: But you alread-
Mama: (calls name)
FlowerChild: But she-
Daddy: (calls name)
FlowerChild: But I just want to tell her one thing. You ate-
Mama and Daddy: (call name)
Mama: It's not necessary to tell her everything right now.
LadyBug: Well, chicken eggs is gross.
FlowerChild: (very quickly) Well…