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Showing posts from December 16, 2008

Just life

Well, the musical went great. We had a good turnout considering we are a rural church and many of our older folks do not get out at night. The children were precious right down to the boy who fell apart at the very beginning because he did not get "his" jingle bell... ah, the things that seem important when you are five! There is some consideration being given to doing it again in the upcoming morning service.

As for home stuff Mondays are Wal-mart day. Except we did Wal-mart on Tuesday this week because I have been sick with a stomach flu. I am better but still not running on all cylinders. But that puts everything behind for the week. I am not sure if I should hope it's a virus in which case I was probably contagious at church and it doesn't bode well for all those folks I shook hands with/ hugged or to hope it was food poisoning which doesn't bode well for the fingerfood fellowship!

We had a guy come by this morning to show the FisherMan the bobcat he had shot.…