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Showing posts from May 6, 2009

Just a Quiet Evening Around the Homestead - NOT

The rain we've had has left the air so clean and sweet. We all suffer with allergies so we are ready for that. Not to mention, this is the first rainfall the garden has received. I am thankful for the sprinklers but there is just nothing like a good rain to get the plants to thrive.

Unfortunately the rain can also have some undesirable aspects. It gets the critters to moving! Yesterday we had a snake out at the manhut! Otherwise known as the gazebo. What kind, you say? A dead one. Well, he didn't start out that way. See, the GuitarMan came home for a visit yesterday. He wanted to spend some time with us, oh, and get his clean laundry. :P So we thought we would just grill some hamburgers for supper.

The FisherMan was out at the gazebo cooking and had the hamburgers finished. He was about to start the french fries. Cornbread and I had just walked back inside from being out there, too. FlowerChild was sitting out there strumming her guitar. Apparently her daddy turned around just i…