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Showing posts from April 5, 2009

Contented Sunday

Have you met with the Lord today? What a privilege! I am so thankful for my church family. As it was approaching time for service I just looked at my sweet children. One was snoozing away on a friend's shoulder. FlowerChild was happily playing and talking with another friend's precious baby. The baby was gazing up at her and clutching her finger in such a trusting way. What a gift to have so many people who love the Savior, also love our children and want to help point their lives to Him.

In my last post I mentioned we had a visit from my aunt and uncle. I really enjoyed seeing them but I found out today what my little ones thought of it. Our Children's Director opens Children's Church time with a bit of conversation and prayer requests followed by prayer. When she asked if anyone had done anything special this week FlowerChild's hand shot up. I wondered what she would say as you never can tell with her! She said we had a special visit from someone and went on to te…