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Showing posts from January 24, 2009

A Satisfying Day

We had a birthday party to attend today. It was a nice time for everyone there. The girls received goody bags as we left. Candy was tucked inside each bag which they immediately dove into! But they also each had a kite! Well, nothing doing but we had to go fly those kites as soon as we got home! The old, stick in the mud parents were not exactly on board as we had plans on taking care of some needed work. But we were happily proven wrong as we had a wonderful time with our children. Sometimes the work needs to wait in favor of family time.

I captured some wonderful pictures. Alas, striving for anonymity requires some sacrifice so as much as I would love to share some of the cutest ones (such as LadyBug with her cheeks puffed up attempting to blow her kite when the wind would not cooperate!) these pictures will have to do.

And between my slow computer and dial-up internet it will have to be just two this time!