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Showing posts from May 27, 2009

Beware, I'm Just Ranting

So is everybody else all mixed up this week thanks to the holiday Monday? I did errands yesterday instead so I feel as though today is Tuesday. I'll have to keep reminding myself it is Wednesday so I'll get everyone fed and dressed for church tonight. I don't guess it would look so good for the pastor's wife to forget church LOL.

Did the dreaded grocery trip yesterday, too. There I was praying my way through the store trying to fit everything into the budget. I came to the steel wool section and was debating whether I could afford to buy SOS pads this week. Yes. You read right SOS pads.

So anyway this woman comes up beside me and we are both studying the shelf. I strike up conversation by mentioning they apparently do not sell the storebrand or Brillo brand anymore, only these lavender SOS things and the huge boxes (the most expensive ones, natch). She agrees and says that they indeed are not selling a variety anymore and not the ones she likes to buy. She liked the mini…