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Showing posts from September 12, 2009

Full of Ordinary

I hope it's been a good day for everyone. The GuitarMan came home from college yesterday afternoon and his roommate Z and another friend came today. While he was still asleep this morning we got outside and did a little yard work and let the children play. Cornbread was absolutely adorable out there helping tote limbs. Then he got started chasing his older sisters all over the yard. Well, wouldn't you know The GuitarMan woke up right as we finished? :D What a coincidence!
LadyBug enjoyed helping me cook a big pot of chili for lunch. We also got the BBQ ready to take to a Bible study tonight. She loves to cook! We all gathered in the living room to eat and watch a football game.
Afterwards I cut The GuitarMan's hair for him. It's gotten pretty long and it is also very curly. So it was getting a little hard for him to do much with it, especially with his hand.
Speaking of his hand, it is still improving. (If you are new here read the August 2009 archives to know what I am…