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Brand Name Christianity

When I grocery shop I tend to check prices on everything. I have it down to a fine art now. I know how much certain items should cost because I buy them every week. It's so funny when The FisherMan asks what he can go get while we are in the store, to shorten the load for me, you know. Inevitably he comes back with brands that cost more but don't offer anything better than the no-name brands. At times the store brands actually taste better! It's a guy thing, I guess! "Hey, babe, this was only a $1!" "Oh, that's good, but, you know hon, the store brand is only 78 cents!" (I appreciate his help though!) When you get down to it, those pretty labels don't change the fact that it is still a bag of chips, ya know?
I have noticed the same thing in the Christian world. There are all kinds of things you can buy now to make you look like a Christian. Jewelry, clothing, plaques, dishes, even candy! But sometimes all those pretty labels don't disguise th…