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Showing posts from July 15, 2009

How About Getting To Know Me First?

I'm a blog junkie. I'll admit it. So many thoughts and viewpoints! Personally, I like to read blogs regularly so that I know where that person is really coming from. Even if it's not a post that truly interests me it gives me a better picture of how this person thinks and lives their life. If you are someone who tends to hop in and out of blogs rather than being a regular reader then you sometimes miss the big picture. You miss out on getting to know that person and how they express themselves. So if you pop in and read something today without knowing what has been written for the last 2 weeks there is a good chance you might misinterpret. I think it would be way too easy to read just one post and apply your own interpretation to it, thereby totally missing the point.

So here is just a friendly suggestion. If you are interested in a blog enough to comment or visit more than once then do the following.

*Take the time to read through someones archives. Get a feel for their wri…