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Showing posts from March 30, 2009

Something is Terribly Wrong

My bloggy friend Lorrie has a post up with a link to a news story that just riles me up. You can read the story here. A child with autism was arrested for...oh, horrors!...exhibiting autistic behaviors! Behaviors that were exaggerated by the teacher's actions.

Those of you with access to my private family blog know that I have the autism awareness background on it. Is there any wonder why we need to bring awareness to this subject? People what are we becoming? When we reach the point of arresting children? Something is terribly wrong. When our President can go on the Tonight Show and nonchalantly use the Special Olympics as a way to make light of his bowling game as though the participants were something to gawk at, a joke? Something is terribly wrong. When we can casually abort a baby and state a birth "defect" as justifiable cause? Something is terribly wrong.

You know, we live in a time where our quest for automatic self indulgence is overridden by only one thing which …