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Crockpot Conspiracy Theories

Did you get your extra hour of sleep? Not me, my body knows when it is time to wake up. I lay there for  a moment before the alarm went off. I marveled that I had finally managed to sleep in. But when I got up and saw all the clocks said the same thing, I realized my husband had forgotten to turn the clocks back. ;)

Just as well, because I needed to get Sunday dinner started. I wanted to put the meat in the crockpot last night but it was still frozen and I wasn't so sure about that. I am hoping it will be done by the time church is over. I had originally gotten the recipe from the facebook sensation, Crockpot Girls. They are in the process of changing up their facebook site because of the whole trademark name change deal. they are Crockin girls now, I think? They have loaded a lot of the recipes on the new one, but I couldn't find the one I needed. So I thought I would google it.

I was shocked to find all these blogposts up that were criticising them and were suspicious of fou…