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Showing posts from March 9, 2009

Pom-pom Snakes Taking Over!

Have you seen one lately? LadyBug is quite impressed with the size of them! Ha, it's actually PYTHON snakes taking over down in the Florida Keys. People release their pet Burmese Pythons to the wild and now they are becoming a problem. So there is a new task force that is being trained to catch them and they eventually want to train mailmen, meter readers, anyone who works outside to do the same. Hmm...we have a few friends who may want to find a new line of work if those things move too far north! Personally, I have no desire to catch any snake, pom-pom or otherwise!
Ok, I have to go buy my groceries now. Just had to hop on here and share that. Hee, hee, pom-pom snake! So cute!