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Showing posts from May 13, 2010

What's for Supper, Mama?

MONDAY(leftovers) roasted teriyaki pork tenderloin string beans/ butterbeans (choice) mashed potatoes/scalloped potatoes (choice) spinach salad
TUESDAY Soccer night-$5 pizza :)
WEDNESDAY ham (left from Sunday) fresh black crowder peas rutabagas (kids ate grapes) cornbread
THURSDAY hotdogs (did you know they make them now with no nitrates? call me sheltered, I had no idea) tater tots glazed carrots
FRIDAY grilled salmon glazed carrots salad potatoes
SATURDAY lemon pepper chicken rice stir fry veggies salad
SUNDAY smoked ham macaroni and cheese fresh peas mashed potatoes
DESSERTS: vanilla pudding cake angelfood cake with strawberries fatfree pudding