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Showing posts from September 22, 2009

Not So Good Day

Just a quick update. The GuitarMan has had a rough day with a lot of pain. They did a block yesterday so that when he woke up from surgery his hand was numb. It wore off about 4:00 am and he has struggled since.
On top of that we found out today that there may be big problems now with school because of too many absences since the accident. I talked with the registrar's office today and tomorrow I have to talk with the business office, his professors and the vice-president of the college. Poor thing will be totally at their mercy as far as passing, staying in school or returning next semester, and holding onto his financial aid.
Just something else to add to the stress in my life lately. As much as I love to blog, y'all don't know the half of it! :)
But we are rejoicing that the surgery went well. We are praying for quick healing and a full recovery. We are clinging to the fact that God is in control of all matters. He sees the full picture and knows exactly what we need an…