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Chaos Tip for Bathrooms

So does your chaos ever stem from having only one bathroom? We have a large family and lots of overnight company, sometimes as many as 3 or 4 extra at a time. (Friends who know me in real life are wondering right now "Where does she put them?!")

So sometimes it is a constant in and out of the bathroom when everyone is getting ready. At other times it means ducking in while someone is in the shower and hollering at them "It's me, just need to brush my teeth"...get the hairbrush...whatever the case may be! Although, mind you, we don't do that to company! We don't put on airs around here and we do like to make folks feel at home, but that would be a little too much of the family treatment!

But have you noticed how the mirror is all fogged up when you go in the bathroom after they get out of the shower? Now you could smear it up with a towel, stand there with a blow dryer and risk electrocution in the steam, purchase those anti-fog wipe things, or....clean y…