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Showing posts from May 1, 2009

An Unexpected Day

Well, one year ago at this moment I was attempting to get ready for bed hoping for a little sleep. But, it wasn't going so well seeing as how I was in labor! So it wasn't long and we were in the road making a mad dash for the hospital for Cornbread's arrival. I'll share the story after I tell you about LadyBug's birth.

Ironic as it seems, today also held a mad dash for medical attention. The day started out as normal as could be. With The GuitarMan coming home there were some things I wanted to have ready. Tomorrow is the birthday party and fish fry at church so there were some things to attend to there as well. I had all the sheets in the wash, dishwasher halfway loaded, homeschooling started.

As FlowerChild was doing her reading aloud she began to complain with an earache. By the time we had begun phonics (only a few minutes later) she started to cry a little and whimper. So schoolwork was set aside and I gave her some medicine. I have one of those little teddy be…