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Showing posts from June 20, 2009

Just Friendly Conversation About Our Evening

Well, it is late and my girls are still up. They are playing quietly on the couch with a new Barbie doll set. I an hoping it isn't the calm before the storm! Sometimes being overly tired can be worse than not tired enough when it comes to going to sleep!

What a good night it has been. The GuitarMan got back safely from his trip. He brought his best friend from college who is also in his band home with him for the week. So our house will be music-filled this week! A little while later we went to Mrs. BJ's house for the cottage prayer meeting and FlowerChild's party. What a sweet fellowship!

The boys brought their guitars and did some singing. Then The FisherMan shared some scriptures and thoughts on it. Then we joined hearts in prayer. Afterwards there was food, followed by birthday presents. I thought for sure the children would be ready to dive into the tornado birthday cake but instead they wanted to play the game we had selected. Can you guess what they played at the torn…