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Showing posts from June 26, 2009

Completing the Agenda - Or Not

Well, the day is winding down. It didn't work out exactly the way I thought it would but that's ok! How often does life follow the agenda anyway? :)

I have been having some trouble this week with a pulled muscle in my shoulder. I thought it might be a bit better this morning but apparently not. Just a few minutes after posting my blog this morning I had a major muscle spasm that was certainly no fun! So life got rearranged.

I decided since there was half a loaf of store bought loaf bread I wouldn't try to push and bake any. So scratch that from the list. In fact, I did not do anything around the house today! Rest was the key after that ordeal!

Instead I took time to call our "daughter" and had a nice time catching up with her.

I also went visiting with the FisherMan. How nice to pop in on some of our folks from church! I even got the surprise of playing with a certain little princess, better known in some parts as Chicken Little. We stopped in to check on her grandpa…