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Showing posts from November 28, 2009

The Crud

Yep, we got it. At least part of the family anyway. I think it all started when The GuitarMan came home from Chorale Tour sick with it. I suppose there are worse things to remember New Orleans by! It didn't necessarily come from there though as they had quite a few stops, stayed in hotels and other than taking turns riding in the Suburban with the professor, they were all cooped up together on the bus. So there's no telling.
As for our house, there is no way to NOT be together LOL so it is bound to make it's way through. Even LadyBug is having another bout with it. I say another because she already had a mild case of it. FlowerChild seems to be responding to her antibiotic, however she is soooo grouchy! Cornbread is on a milder dose of the same antibiotic as his infection was only in one ear. He is still so sick. I think if I don't see some major improvement by Monday he may need to see the pediatrician again.
We did manage to get our Christmas tree up. It is so pretty.…