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Praise God For The Family

Most of us realize that a church is not the building. It is the people who make the church. So it is with the home. It is the family within the house that makes it a home.

The world shouts conform or be ridiculed! The family says each child is a beautiful individual created by God.
The world calls for immediate results. The family calls for taking the necessary steps for lasting results.
The world asks what about me?!
But the very nature of family draws you out of yourself.

The world tells you it's not my problem.
But a family says we'll face this together.

The world says I'm tired, just leave me alone.
The family encourages you to push on and draw strength from them.

The world says stand on your own two feet.
The family says lean on me.
When a family is being raised up for the Lord and dedicated to Him daily it becomes a beautiful picture of our relationship with Him. If a home is filled with a family that exhibits these qualities it becomes a mighty testimony of God's power. …