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The Wrong Kind Of Faith

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
Hebrews 11:1

Have you ever watched a Nascar race? If so, you have probably seen the big crashes where the track is covered with smoke and the drivers must drive through it. To the average person who just flipped on the race they may think the drivers are blindly fumbling through the smoke. But in reality they are trusting their spotter on the radio to tell them where to go to avoid hitting a car. They have spotters in towers all around the track who they are in constant communication with to warn them of any dangers. That is why they can disappear in a maze of cars and smoke and emerge safely on the other side.

Some people think any faith must be a good thing. They might even argue that believing in 'something' is better than nothing. But I would say that there is a right and a wrong kind of faith. Often when we think to pray for more faith we think of it in a "faith to hold on"…

Answers to Some Frustrating Computer Problems

Internet Explorer Cannot Display Page Operation Aborted:
If you run Internet Explorer then chances are you have had this happen. It was happening to me a few weeks ago and I fixed it but then promptly forgot what I did....or maybe it was that I tried everything and wasn't sure what worked. At any rate if you are getting this message don't believe the hype that Internet Explorer 8 has fixed the problem. I just downloaded it yesterday and immediately the same problem began again. I finally figured out that it is add-ons that cause the problem. Even running in no-add-ons did not help me. There is techie mumbo-jumbo for what happens and I won't bore you with it. Instead I'll just tell you what to try for a fix.

If you are having this problem on your blog page try this. Watch the page load. As it loads things one by one watch to see which one it stops on without loading. Then up will pop the message. Chances are that is the add-on giving you trouble. In my case it was Feedjit…