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Showing posts from February 7, 2009

Catching Up

Still battling stuffy noses around here, along with a cough now. But so far it has been confined to the children with those of us taller than 4 ft doing our best to avoid their sneezes and snotty kisses! Ever notice the snottier their nose gets the more affectionate the child gets? LOL I am afraid Cornbread may be getting an ear infection. He and LadyBug are having a worse time of it than FlowerChild.

Amidst all that I managed to cook the pork loin I had mentioned in my menu plan. It was amazing! I mixed up a spicy rub to put on it and the FisherMan grilled it. Yum! Then he grilled the avocado and I stuffed it with a homemade apple-chipotle mix. Here is a picture. It turned out better than any restaurant meal! I swear, if one could eat like this every night, eating out would not even be a temptation! (excuse the beat up cookie sheet-our hunger sent us beyond caring about food presentation!)

The GuitarMan was disappointed he wasn't home last night for the meal. He stayed at school an…