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Showing posts from May 17, 2009

It Was There The Whole Time

Recently our family was in the car together riding back from the big city on the back roads in our county. It had stormed but the sun was just beginning to peek out. It made for a beautiful scene. White farmhouses stood stark against a purple sky with the sun reflecting on their porches. Farmland stretched out with green fields made all the more green with the rain. Along the way people were going about their normal business.

We slowed through a section of the highway. One lady had stopped on the side of the road to check her mailbox. Her face was drawn tight as she perused the stack of envelopes. The house was a tiny one, the yard littered with children's toys. How many bills do you suppose she received that day? It can be so discouraging to try to keep up financially especially when you are responsible for those little lives. For each step forward it seems you get knocked two steps back.

Across the road I spotted a farmer kneeling along a neatly plowed row, apparently deep in th…