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Showing posts from September 28, 2009

Dr. Appt Today

The GuitarMan went back to the doctor today. They removed the temporary cast he had and checked the pins. He said that was the weirdest sensation to have those pins sticking out! His finger looks great and now that it is straight it is even more obvious how bad it was.
I wish in a way that I had pictures from all along. But, honestly, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I still get a funny feeling when I see the dent in the side of his vehicle.
Anyway they have him in a fiberglass cast now. The doctor came in and showed the techs exactly how he wanted the cast. It was really a challenge they said. But the way it was done he can move some of the joints above the breaks. That is why the doc was so precise about it, he is trying to preserve mobility. At this point, stiffness is the main threat. He got a black cast to match his tux for male chorale. They start tour this week. :)
We'll go back Monday and if all is going well he will remove the pins right there in the office. Then ther…

Preacher's Kids

You know, children are children and the preacher's children are no exception. I got so tickled at my little ones last night. The FisherMan preached a great sermon out of Proverbs on the heart but as all mothers know, when you have your children you are listening out of one ear and mothering out the other!Here are a few little tidbits from last night to show you what I mean.
Cornbread was in rare form last night and kept trying to give "fist bumps" to everyone behind us...all the way back. He also played the eyes, ears, nose, hair, etc game with me, his sisters....and everyone else behind us. Oh, and who can forget the bellybutton at which time he stood up in my lap, raised his shirt over his head, and made delightful squeals? You've heard of the amen corner? Well, he has learned to say "Roll Tide" and was proud to proclaim it. Towards the end FlowerChild lost interest and I looked down to see she was swaying, snapping her fingers, and singing under her breat…