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Silly or Discerning?

My good friend Mary has a very strong post up on this topic of modesty. Whereas my previous post dealt with it from the perspective of pleasing God with your clothing choices hers is coming at it from the perspective of safety. She got to thinking about it after reading this post.

All of it made me think of a talk show I saw sometime recently. I don't remember which one it was but the episode dealt with broad daylight attacks on women. One woman was brutally attacked, beaten, and raped inside a department store in the toy section by the bicycles. The guy grabbed her and began repeatedly banging her head into the floor. So she was immediately incapacitated. It all happened in only a minute or two and was caught on the surveillance camera. Her baby was strapped in the buggy the whole time.

Another woman told a similar story about her experience at a different store, different place . When she came out of the store she noticed a man watching her in a strange way. She returned her shopp…


There is a topic that has been discussed quite frequently lately among the Christian blogs. Modesty. Now like everything else today the word modesty no longer has a clear meaning. Years ago it was easy to see what was modest clothing or not. But as time passed it somehow became the norm to show a little more skin or a few more curves. Women wore their skirts a little shorter, their blouses dipped a little lower and everything fit a little tighter. Now when someone says "modest clothes" it could mean anything from poor clothes to a cape dress. Many women don't realize it applies to them.

Some women have been convicted to change the way they dress. Some are convicted to wear skirts/dresses only while others feel more modest dressed in jeans or slacks. I think the important thing is to seek God's leading on how you dress. Often times women just go with what is in style or what they have always worn. They forget to ask the Lord what He thinks. One thing is for sure. If yo…