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Showing posts from May 9, 2009

Entertainment in the Country

No bright lights and city life for us out here! So what did we find ourselves mesmerized with tonight? Picture it. There we were. The FisherMan, me, The GuitarMan, a good friend of his with her zebra print blouse LOL, FlowerChild, LadyBug, and Cornbread. We are gathered around the new bug zapper with its purple light waiting for it to zap a bug. Then we notice that it makes Cornbread's white shirt glow in the dark. My little Gloworm! So we get to looking around and we see it makes Blondie's zebra shirt glow in the dark. She says, "Hey, this is better than the bowling alley!" GuitarMan goes, "Galaxy bowling!!!" Aah, life in the country!