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Showing posts from May 16, 2009

People Watching....Again!

Well, it's a beautiful Saturday here and I am so thankful for it. This week has been busy as always. Today will be no different. But for now the house is quiet with sleep and I am enjoying a cappucino and my blog. :)

We had to make a run to the hospital in the big city last night because a lady in our congregation was admitted with what they thought might be her heart. When the GuitarMan got in we took off. When we got there I stayed in the car since we had Cornbread with us and he was snoozing away.

Being in clergy parking I had a clear view of the hospital and watched the people coming and going. Now y'all know I am a notorious people watcher! I saw the lady's husband enter holding the hand of their absolutely adorable granddaughter. (This child has the cutest little southern accent with these mischievous sparkling eyes) She was obviously so happy with him as they walked and she would gaze up at him every so often in deep conversation as they walked to see her grandmother.…