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Showing posts from December 19, 2008

It Must Be Aliens

Ok it is official. My children have been taken over by what I must assume are aliens. Yes, I am kidding but let me tell you about this night!

The FisherMan and I were supposed to go over to the next town to visit a church member who moved to the nursing home this week. We planned on squeezing in a bit of shopping for my mom and picking up some giftwrap. We also thought we might complete a sentence and maybe even NOT go to a public restroom even if it meant "holdin it" just because we could. (Those of you with several little ones know exactly what I am talking about. Oh, the glee of a full adult conversation! Not to mention no bathroom trips...I swear sometimes I think they are marking their territory!) But, I digress. Well, when it got time to go Ladybug and Flowerchild went ballistic! As in full blown panic stricken screaming and crying, begging me to not go, heads spinning, ok maybe not that but we were to that point ....we were left scratching our heads thinking "huh…