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Showing posts from March 24, 2009

Just Life Around Here

Lots to do today. But I have a little guy in my lap that needs a nap and doesn't seem to realize just how much I could accomplish if he would lay down! Oh, he is napping but every time I attempt to lay him down that sweet little head pops up and he begins to cry. Then as soon as I pick him up, down it goes and he is back asleep! He occasionally gets that way where he wants what he wants. Namely, hold me while I sleep! I have gotten to where I can "read" his moods and tell whether it is best to do what it takes to get the sleep in him or just let it go and not worry about the nap. Oh, I know some folks who freak out over this kind of thing. Afraid of spoiling and all that jazz. But I don't worry. After all, we're not talking about an everyday, normal thing here. And before I know it he will be too busy to snooze in Mama's arms! So I just try to not sweat it. It falls under the category of "small stuff."

As for the to-do list....oh, my it's a doozi…