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Showing posts from March 3, 2009

All is Well

Thank you to everyone that has prayed for GuitarMan. He is doing much better tonight although he is still "out of it" (his words) and having some fleeting dizziness and nausea. He is back at school now and when I spoke to him a little while ago (well, texted!) he was lying down getting ready to sleep. (He had done a little texting yesterday after he got through the peak of the migraine but tonight the texting picked up and he started trying to make plans for this weekend so I knew then he was really better! LOL )

I must brag on our doctor's office. They were so kind. They knew how he felt with this being a particularly severe migraine and called medicine in for him, rather than making him come in. Then they called to check on him this morning, called in more meds and called again this afternoon to check on him. Just another reason I love them!

Tonight was The FlowerChild's first soccer game of the season. She was so miserably cold out there! But typical of my sweetie …


The doctor called to check on the GuitarMan this morning. We had an appt. but he said don't try to make him move. He has called in 2 additional medications as it still has not passed yet. Hopefully that will help. Thanks so much for your prayers.