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Showing posts from October 3, 2009

Good Stuff

Hope it's been a good Saturday for everyone. We had a great day! We FINALLY had LadyBug's birthday party. It has been a challenge to pull off. You may remember I fell and hurt my ankle on her birthday the 23rd. They had a surprise party planned for her at church but instead we had to take off to the ER. After some finagling and planning we were able to do it today.
I am still hobbling and there was no way for me have it at our house. So a friend was nice enough to allow us to do it at their house. We combined it with a ballgame and finger foods and had a blast. Thanks to them allowing everyone to invade their home, I was able to just enjoy the day. No worrying over how I would manage to get the house and yard ready!
I was able to see an old friend and meet her family. Our children made instant friends as we knew they would. What a blessing that it is a small world! It's so good to reunite with such sweet folks after all these years.
The GuitarMan brought friends home this…