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Showing posts from March 11, 2009

Beezy, Beezy!

Well, it was only the day before yesterday that I blogged but it feels like it has been forever! It's been so busy around here! Or as little LadyBug said today, "It's a beezy day!" as we watched the bumblebees flying all around the yard. If you are fortunate enough to be enjoying this warmer weather like us then you have probably had a beezy day yourself!

I think I had mentioned our weekend a bit in an earlier post. The GuitarMan went to the beach in an attempt to get away for a while. It wasn't all he had hoped for though. You know, sometimes when you just want to get away the stress has a way of following you! He was home by Saturday night and his early class was canceled Monday so he stayed over. He planned on leaving very early but sleep won out! It was so nice having morning coffee with him before he left! As for the rest of us, we went to the Bible Study Saturday night. We had a great time with a good discussion. We even had call-in questions! :) Sunday we …