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Then and Now

I had the privilege today of being in chapel at my son's college. He made it into the male chorale and they are singing in chapel this week. Since Cornbread had a doctor appt we left a little earlier and managed to squeeze in both. It was absolutely beautiful! I always cry anytime I see The GuitarMan perform. I thought maybe this would be different since it was a larger group. No way! I still teared up and had to force myself to not cry! I have teased him and said that one day he will be rocking out on a stage and people will wonder about his weird mom crying as he celebrates the Lord with some upbeat praise song! I guess it's not really teasing though because it is probably true LOL.
Today we sat towards the back on the right. We were there with our young children and we wanted to be able to slip out if necessary. (It wasn't) But many years ago on a cool night we were there with our young son attending the Spring Concert. We were way down at the front on the left and could…