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Showing posts from December 11, 2009

Fulfillment In Life

Are you fulfilled? That can be a loaded question in today's world. It can mean different things to different people. I believe Satan loves to see people feel dragged down, depressed, and unfulfilled. When we succumb to to those feelings it brings with it a lack of contentment and a feeling of being dissatisfied. It causes us to lose focus and drift from one thing to another searching for our fulfillment.
Unfortunately it often causes people to pass judgement on one another. One secretly feels unsatisfied with what they are doing. So deep down they think maybe it will make them feel better if they tear you down for your choices. You have a nagging feeling you could be happier "if only" and it so happens they are living that life so you join in on ripping them to shreds. Yet none of that adds to your fulfillment.
Yesterday a friend and I had a conversation and it led into the subject of SAHM vs. working moms. She wasn't sure if she could be fulfilled being at home all …