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Showing posts from June 3, 2009

Life At Our House

Well, my week is slipping by's already Wednesday! It's been quite a week already! Losing Rosie hit us harder than we ever expected. I know it's harder on The FisherMan for sure. She would follow him over to his study at the church every day and sit patiently by the door until he came home. She was such a faithful companion.

The GuitarMan has had a friend staying here this week. It's a guy from his school and they have the band together. You can hardly walk through the house for the guitars, wires, Dorito bags and Dr. Pepper cans LOL! We've had a house full between them and more friends piling in. They're going to head out today for the beach for a couple of days. So it will probably be way too quiet now! :)

I've finished two loads of laundry so far this morning (that was just bath towels!) and have many more to go. Sigh. Many, many....many more. :oP
Gotta get in some homeschool time. We homeschool year round. It keeps FlowerChild on a better schedule s…